Of course, a baby is a reason for a celebration. Food, games, and décor take a center stage in a typical baby shower event. A woman becoming a mother is indeed an event to be celebrated. If you are planning a baby shower, picking the best idea for the baby shower is important because every mom is going to remember the baby shower for the rest of her life. It marks a new beginning of life time of blessings, happiness, and joy. The event will be filled with wishes like “congratulations on your new bundle of joy” and lot more.

Did you know that once upon a time fathers did not attend a baby shower? However, it is becoming common for fathers to attend the baby shower these days. Co-educational baby showers are an evolving trend. So you should think about this idea as well.

Guest Invitation & Games

Women from both sides of the family are honored guests. The host is usually a close relative, friend or even a neighbor.  The idea for a baby shower should consist of a budget for the time to be spent for the event, the numbers of guests to be invited, games, gifts (read also baby shower gift etiquette), and food for the nibble for guests.

Kid-Friendly Baby Shower Games

There are a lot of games which you can play at the baby shower and most popular are dirty diapers, guess the baby game, mommy and daddy secrets, and place the baby on the mommy and lot more, those named are just a few from the endless list. Also, you can choose to have a kid-friendly baby shower games if you are going to invite a lot of kids.

What Every Guest and Host would Love?

The trending baby shower favor ideas include boy baby’s shower or girl baby’s shower all planned in a way to be fun than the traditional method of it being just a female bonding ritual. Elephant baby shower ideas are something that almost every guest and host would love. The sight of blue and pink elephants all over the place is a not to miss.

Since the very purpose of a baby shower is to help the parents get supplies required for their baby when the baby arrives, there is not really a necessity to throw a shower for the second baby.

There are no hard and fast rules about a must-have game or must-have-treat. It is all left to one’s choice in eventually making the event to suit their personal style, need, and purpose. However, none of us would love to plan a baby shower without a special treat and in the end, it is manners to give a present to the mom – supplies that will be useful for use to nurse the newborn. Every little bit of it will help.