Are your second baby on the way? You want to get something special for your 2-year-old daughter? Or you’re a grandmother that wants to give a big sister gift to a 2 year old when her brother comes along? Either way you’re in the right place. I want to do something special also for you. That’s why I did a research and found really great big sister gift ideas for 2-year-old.

Let’s begin!

List of the best big sister gift ideas for a 2-year-old:

  • Doll and a pram
  • Coloring book, stickers book
  • Story book
  • Paw patrol plate and bowl set
  • Cuddly toy
  • VTech kids camera
  • Big sister t-shirt
  • Bracelet
  • Art case
  • Princess tent

Doll and a pram

As you know, even young kids sometimes feel left out when the new baby has come, so you need to make sure that you give attention also to your daughter. And I have an idea that might help – buy her a doll and a pram, or if your daughter already has many dolls at home, then buy her just a pram.

Molly Dolly My First Mini Pram by Molly DollyIn my opinion, this combination is the best. Why? Because your 2-year-old daughter could push her doll when you push the baby. This way she will feel involved. And what’s also great is that this way you can teach her how to take care of her doll while you’re taking care of the real baby. And we all know that these things are important if you want your kid to grow up as a good, caring person.

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Colouring book, stickers book

Sesame Street Coloring bookOf course, you don’t have to spend a fortune on something that your child will love. We all are thankful for even small things and presents that are made by our friend or relative. It’s the thought that makes the gift so good.  Although a 2 year old may not think that way, they are happy about everything.

Magical coloring book for anyone who loves animalsA 2-year-old is still learning and exploring this world, and she will love a nice colouring or stickers book. So get it for her 🙂

I have 2 best options for you. Check them out:

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Story book

The wonderful things you will be” by Emily Winfield Martin

The books are great presents for people of all ages. That’s really the truth. And best books are the ones you can read over and over again, the ones that have a message that will endure for lifetimes. And I know such book. “The wonderful things you will be” by Emily Winfield Martin is a #1 bestseller, and no wonder (you can buy it here on .

This book is well written and beautifully illustrated. The story is sweet and easy to read, so it will be great also for your 2-year old. This book focuses more on being caring, kind, bright, loving, adventurous and creative, and less on specific activities like a career, money or something like that. The book emphasizes being unique, and that’s important as you want your child to be a part of society but at the same time – be herself, and never forget about it.

And I said it before, the best books are the ones we can read over and over again, and I guarantee that this book will be the one! In our world, where are negative influences, we want to protect our kids. And what’s the better way than teaching your kid positive “mind food”.

Cuddly toy

Zoofy International Peppa Pig Hug n Oink PlushIf your child is into cuddly toys, then Peppa Pig is a great idea to buy for your 2-year-old daughter.

Kids camera

Believe me she will love taking photos of herself and also you, little brother.. And she will enjoy playing the games on it.


Big little sister bracelet is another fantastic gift idea for a 2-year-old girl. I found one really great bracelet by HHHbeauty. It’s inexpensive, in pink and white colors. Bracelet has a beautiful chain tail.

Art case

Crayola Inspiration Art CaseProbably your little girl is creative, loves drawing, right? Then art case by Crayola will definitely surprise your bundle of joy. Here’s one from Crayola Inspiration Art Case. It has 140 art and coloring supplies. Can you imagine how your little daughter will rejoice and be thankful for the gift?

This art case has 64 crayons, 20 short colored pencils, 40 washable markers, 15 paper sheets and pink, durable storage case.

Recommended age is from 4 – 10 years but, of course, there are some things that can be used in earlier stage, so are pencils. You just have to watch your little one so she doesn’t get hurt. But you have to do that like every minute, right?


Princess tent

Monobeach Princess TentMost toddler girls love pink color. If your girl loves it and she loves to spend some time by herself, loves to build home for her then this tent definitely is a must-have for you 2 year old. It’s also a nice way how to thank your little one for being such a great big sister.

This playhouse will be great for those times when breastfeeding. Your daughter can play in it. Also, I know that some kids better nap in their “own houses”, so let it be.

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Maybe you have some other ideas? Comment below and I’ll be happy to include them in the article!

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