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How Much to Spend on a Baby Shower Gift?

How much to spend on a baby shower gift

When you are invited for a baby shower, you may think of different things like the venue, dress code etc. One of the difficult questions that may arise is how much to spend on baby shower gift? It is not easy to decide on a fixed amount for the gift. Is there any protocol that you need to follow to decide on the amount you are going to spend to buy baby shower gift?

You may find yourself in a difficult situation as you do not want to buy a cheap gift and neither can you opt for a highly expensive one. After you decide the budget the next thing that worries you is where to purchase a gift from? What would be an ideal gift for your best friend? Whether you should buy an infant car seat or a stroller for any of your relative? Do not worry if these questions worry you, the article will answer all your questions.

Baby shower gift – For a co-worker

If your co-worker invites you for a baby shower whom you hardly know then you can think about spending anywhere between 10-15 dollars to purchase baby shower gift. Do not think that the amount is quite less rather think about buying an ideal gift for the expecting mom.

The range can help you purchase a range of baby products that include baby bottles, shoes, baby cosmetics etc. If possible you can extend this budget to $30.

Baby shower gift – For one of your good friend

While deciding a baby shower gift for your close friend or relatives, you do not bother about the budget more isn’t? You can plan a gift anywhere between $3 and $50 as not all expensive gifts are useful or ideal gifts. Even cheaper gifts are useful and make sense. Do not go for expensive gifts as it may embarrass the host as well as the expecting mom. You can ask the host as what would be the ideal gift for the future mom.

Baby shower gift – For best friend

Sometimes it isn’t easy to decide a baby shower gift, especially for your best friend. There are emotions involved along with friendship. So, you can set a budget anywhere between $50 to $100 and this amount will help you buy amazing baby shower gifts and something unique that makes your friend happy on a special day.

Baby shower gift – For relative or family member

Of course, buying a baby shower gift for any of your closest family members can be a cumbersome task. Of course, close family members would expect a really expensive gift but make sure you do not end up spending more. You can keep your budget limit to $100 and this amount can surely buy a useful gift and you can also give gift cards to the future mom so that she can buy items she likes for her baby.

Some people also think about group gifting which makes sense and contributing together for the gift can increase the budget amount to buy an expensive yet useful gift.

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