Is it your baby’s first Christmas? Do you want to make your child’s Christmas special? Then this guide is just for you. It looks at the best gift ideas for your baby’s first Christmas. Treat your little bundle of joy with something special. Make it extra memorable with a gift that will cheer your child up.

 If you live in Europe or North America, then the winter blues can take a toll on you and your baby. There is no better way to warm your baby’s heart with love for you, than by buying him or her a Christmas present. Kids love gifts.

Being a parent is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and sacrifices. However, in the end, it is all worth it. Seeing your child beam a smile and look lovingly at you can instantly well you up with love. As a new parent, it is obvious that you want to make your child happy. Read on to find the best gift ideas for your baby.

First Christmas Gift for a Baby Girl

First Christmas Gift for a Baby Girl

Treat your baby girl like the princess she is this Christmas by getting her a gift that touches her heart. Bay girls are full of love and parents should show them how much they love them by getting them a Christmas gift. Even if your daughter is just a few months old, she’ll appreciate everything you give to her if not now, then later.

Fairy Tale Book

Although your baby girl might not understand what you read to her entirely, especially if she is just a few months old but the pictures in the fairy tale book and you reading the story to her will transport her to a world of fantasy and fun. Even if she doesn’t understand what you’re telling her yet, hearing your voice is what she’ll be happy about.

Babies love going through fairy tale books and seeing the pictures showcase the progress of the story. There is no better gift than a fairy tale book. Besides, it will help ensure that your baby girl grows up to be a super creative person.

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Rocking Horse

If your daughter loves ponies, then she will love a rocking horse. It is fun to ride and it will help put her to sleep. Baby girls tend to be very energetic and a rocking horse will keep them busy.

There are various types of rocking horses, choose one that is age-appropriate. Get your baby girl a rocking horse this Christmas and watch her have fun. After all, that is what being a parent is about.

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Teddy Bear

Sometimes, all a baby girl needs is a teddy bear. There are different types of teddy bears. The best part is that they are extremely comfy and can your little princess can hug her teddy bear to sleep.

If you are trying to teach your baby to sleep on her own, then a teddy bear can provide her with the comfort she needs to sleep in her room. Remember to keep that baby cam switched on so that you can keep an eye on her.

Baby Bodysuit

Nothing looks more adorable than a baby bodysuit. It will look really cute on your little bundle of joy. Besides, the baby bodysuit is easy to put on and wear for babies. Many baby bodysuits come in collections of two or three. This means you get more for what you spend.

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First Christmas Gift for a Baby Boy

First Christmas Gift for a Baby Boy

Your baby boy deserves all the love you can give him. This includes getting him a gift this Christmas. His first Christmas gift needs to be special. He will want to know what you gave him for his first Christmas when he grows up. If you are not sure what you should get him, then the following options will help give you an idea.

Soothing Sounds Machine

Designed to allow your baby boy to relax, the soothing sounds machine is a true wonder. If your baby has been having trouble falling asleep, then this machine is just what he needs.

It is not just a gift for your baby boy but also for you and your spouse. Being a parent can be tough, especially if you are not getting a hang of how to put your baby to sleep. The realistic nature sounds of the machine will allow your child and yourself to feel relaxed.

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Baby Moustache Dummy

Get your baby boy his very first baby mustache dummy. It is funny and efficient. A baby dummy helps keep your child quiet while everyone talks. The black mustache is stylish and will provide your baby boy with farcical facial hair. See how a mustache looks on your little prince before he grows one when he is older. Quell his cries and let him become a conversation starter when you take him out for a walk.

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Inflatable Giraffe

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An inflatable giraffe is the ultimate Christmas gift for your baby boy’s first Christmas. The unique color of this toy will immediately capture the attention of your baby. He will truly love it.

The inflatable giraffe has been a huge success since the 1970s and there are many retro options available that are just as good. Besides, it might remind your baby’s grandparents when they had gotten you an inflatable giraffe. It helps bring back those beautiful memories.

First Christmas Gift for Twins

first christmas gifts for baby twins

Having twins is no easy feat. It is difficult to take care of them. However, parents also get two times the love when they have twins. They are a true blessing.

Nothing teaches you to parent better than having twins. This Christmas, get your twins their first Christmas present.

Train Teether

A train teether for each twin is the ideal Christmas present. It will make your babies feel extra special during their first Christmas. Your little ones will love it because it will keep them busy.

If your twins are being a handful, then a train teether will help calm them down. It is a fun and functional teether which is safe for kids to use. It will soothe their tired baby teeth. Made from food-safe silicone, you can give the train teether to your twins so that they can start chewing.

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Rattle Musical Toy

Sounds play a huge role in child development. They are major stimuli for babies. The rattle musical toy comes in a pom-pom shape and has rattle beads which make it fun for twins to play.

The toy also teaches your twins to share. It is an important skill that your twins will learn early on in life with the help of the rattle musical toy. It stimulates their auditory senses and allows them to use their tiny hands. Get your loved ones to experiment with using their hands to grip and hold objects.

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Baby Play Piano

A baby play piano is a perfect gift for your newborn twins. It exposes them to different types of sounds which improve their sensory and cognitive development.

 Introduce your tiny loved ones to the beauty of sound from a young age with the baby play piano. The keys are made of soft fabric and work easily with a soft touch. Let your baby listen to classical melodies.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for First-Time Dads from Wife

christmas present for first time dad from wife

Sometimes dads have to work more to provide the family but that does not mean that they do not care about moms taking care of the child. They try their best to be just as involved in their child’s life as the mom and that is why they deserve to be treated this Christmas with a special gift.

Dad Journal

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Being a father is a wonderful time of your husband’s life and that is why you need to get him a dad journal. It will allow him to write all his favorite moments with his child. When your baby grows older, he can read about his experience being a father and how it has changed him.

Polaroid Camera

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Fathers love taking pictures of their kids and that is why a Polaroid camera is just what he needs. It will let take pictures of all those special moments so that he can always cherish them. Although he can take a picture from his phone, the look and feel of a Polaroid is something special. He can put the pictures right into the photo album.

Nasal Strips

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Sometimes we all have trouble sleeping and falling asleep. It can be difficult being a full-time dad and you can find your husband every once in a while. This is why you need to get nasal strips for your husband for Christmas.

Besides, it can get quite cold during the winter. The nasal strips will also help you sleep better because chances are that his snoring will stop. Treat your husband and yourself with nasal strips.

Christmas Gift Ideas for First-Time Moms from Husband

present for first time moms from husband

This Christmas show your wife how much she means to you and that you cherish her for being the mother of your child. Christmas is that time of the year where the joy of giving reigns supreme. Besides being pregnant for 9 months, mothers make countless sacrifices to ensure that their child is happy and healthy.

Being an understanding husband who loves his wife, you need to get her something special so that she can feel that you truly appreciate all her efforts. You might feel overwhelmed thinking about what to get a first-time mum, but the following Christmas gifts will make her Christmas extra special.

A Love Letter

Make your wife who is now first-time mom feel special by writing her a love letter. Write to her about how she makes you feel. Include every single detail about her that blows your mind away. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her.

A love letter to your wife is the ultimate gift as it will make her feel good about herself (most women really love these kinds of surprises), despite having given birth and gaining a few pounds. It’s natural. Tell her that you love her curves and how those extra pounds only make her look more attractive to you. She will cherish your letter for life.

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Book Her a Spa Retreat

A spa retreat is something husbands owe their wives and this Christmas is the perfect time for your wide to feel pampered. Although you could get her any other present, a spa retreat will allow her to energize and feel alive. She will be incredibly grateful.

Diamond Earrings

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Perhaps, the first diamond item that you got your wife was a diamond ring when you proposed. This Christmas, pair that diamond ring with diamond earrings. Despite what women might say, they always love diamonds. She will love you for getting her diamond earrings.

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Christmas Gifts from First-Time parents (For Grandparents, Relatives, and Friends)

Christmas Gifts from First-Time parent to grandparentss

Not only do parents or newborns deserve a present, but grandparents, relatives, and friends all deserve a gift during Christmas. Besides, grandparents, relatives, and friends also help out with the daily chores that come with raising kids. They might babysit your newborn from time to time or could help you with the household chores. Christmas is the time of the year when everyone deserves to be given a present. The following gifts are perfect for them.

Best Grandpa/ Grandma Mug

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Sometimes it seems that grandparents love their grandchildren more than their children. So get the grandparents a best grandpa/ grandma mug. They will love it. The only thing grandparents like more than loving their grandchildren is being told that they are the best grandparents. It is somewhat of a habit among grandparents.

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Best Buddy’s Shirts

Show your friends love this Christmas by getting them the best buddy’s shirt. There are many types of best buddy shirts. Choose one that suits them well. Moreover, you can even have a picture of them holding your newborn printed on the shirt. It will make them feel special.

Or, you could have a picture of you and them together during the old days when you were single and living the time of your life. Your best friends are truly a godsend. They always have your back and babysit your kids when you need them the most. Get them best buddy’s shirts to show them you care this Christmas.

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