1st Birthday

Themes for Baby’s First Birthday Celebration – Let’s Party

first birthday cake

The first birthday party of the baby is for you more than her! Yes, your baby probably won’t remember it. But it is a great celebration for you. You should look for the best in funs and themes that makes and takes the plans to next level. There are dozens of themes and tons of toys and décors to select from to make the party colorful, enjoyable, alluring, attractive, enticing and entertaining.

Here are some of the important themes that make the party dudes get drizzled with fantastic flavors of the party.

Monobeach Princess TentPrincess theme

Daughter is certainly a princess for dad! You take care of your cute daughter like the apple of the eye. Make her first birthday a grant event with princes’ party theme. Get the best in floral gold crowns, tutu, and the darling backdrop to give the real meaning to the princes’ party theme. The party is full of fun and get fabulous desserts to make it so sweet.

Mickey and Minnie mouse theme

These are all time favorite themes for first birthday parties. Spread joy and giggles in the party with this adorable theme. Kids find something special with this comic and colorful themes and make some extra comics even though they don’t know what they do and what’s happening around. Minnie pink tutu dress makes the birthday kid so special for the theme and the day.

Baby balloon birthday celebrationBalloon party theme

No balloon no party. Yes, there is no party without a balloon. Imagine complete birthday party based on balloons! It is really going to deliver a real wow for the party audience.  Select the balloon colors that best match your dreams of the big day.

Peacock birthday theme

Why can’t you make your party so royal and romantic? Let it look like a beautiful museum and feel like a melodious music. Peacock birthday theme is here for the purpose. Get uncompromising and unquestionable beauty for the party with our National bird. Let everyone’s heart melt like the candle in the middle with incredible beauty that the theme delivers.

Strawberry theme

Get yummy theme for your party! Strawberry theme is one of the most loved themes. With its magical color of strawberry make the party really fruitful. It is the strawberry dress that makes your kid look like an angel from heaven. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this party theme. It is better to experience it in your kid’s first birthday party.

Twinkle star theme party

Who can ever forget the lullaby ‘twinkle twinkle little star’. Bring the twinkle little star theme to add real wonders to the eyes of kids on the first birthday. Make your party venue to feel like a pleasant and beautiful sky with shining stars to bless the kid in the first birthday party.

Decorations holds the key

Yes, it is the decorations that hold the key to make the party venue a paradise. Get the decorations, balloons, toys and find some games that perfectly match the color and character of the party theme to double the beauty and spirit of the day.

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