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Funniest Baby Shower Gifts


Baby showers are a great way for friends and family to come together in celebration of a new baby coming into their lives. It is that time where the person having the baby would truly appreciate your efforts of throwing a baby shower. There are different types of baby showers but the main goal of a baby shower is to show love towards the person becoming a parent.

One of the things which one usually thinks about is what type of gift they should get for a baby shower. With so many options to choose from, it can become difficult having to choose a gift which is why here is a list of some of the funniest baby shower gifts which will help lighten up the mood for the night and show your love towards the other person.

Here you can jump on to the one you’re most interested in. Or just scroll down to see what funny baby shower gifts I have in mind.

Buff Baby Dumbbell – Baby Rattle

If the person becoming a parent is a fitness freak then maybe the best and most ironic gift for their baby is a buff baby.

It is just like a dumbbell which has been disguised, as a baby rattle in a clever way. Your friend would definitely break up in a laugh when he or she sees your present.

Here’s one even for infants, soft plush barbell – check on

    Hilarious Onesie

    There’s nothing funnier than a hilarious Onesie which has something funny written on it such as “Just spent 9 months on the inside”. It is a great gift for your buddy when he becomes a parent.

    A Manly Accessory

    We all have a friend who loves become a man so why not get their child a manly accessory to appreciate their love for all things man (no pun intended). It is a plain genius.

    The Baby Shusher

    I don’t know about you, guys, but I didn’t know there was something like this. It is as funny as it is useful, getting a baby shusher is a perfect gift because it is effective to calm down a baby and put it back to sleep in a short period of time. You can buy it here (sometimes even with a discount).

    Dirty Diaper Survival Kit

    Although baby showers are normally held for mothers, it is a great idea to get the father a gift as well. Some moms hate cleaning or changing diapers and dads might have to take care of it which is why it is an ode to dads who cleaning the feces of their baby. It is funny and ironic. Surely, your buddy would appreciate the gesture and it makes for great banter.

    I can’t understand where are those people who have this kind of imagination, but thank God they do!

    The Snot Sucker

    An evil and funny gift for the baby shower is a snot sucker. Maybe your friend also loves sucking his snot or maybe not, but in either case, the snot sucker is a gift which will make everyone laugh as it is genuinely funny. Besides kids do have a habit of snot sucking.

    Non-Stop Baby Crying Card

    After the birth of babies, we all know what comes next and that is crying so to prepare the parents for what’s to come, it is a great idea to get them a non-stop baby crying card. Babies love to cry so get parents the gift they need to give them strength.

      Crib Dribbler

      Who knew that only hamsters could drink water through a dribbler as the parent can see their baby also drinking water through a crib dribbler. It’s a funny baby shower gift which is bound to get your friend into a bust. Who knows, they might be the ones drinking from it after having to constantly put their baby back to sleep from all the constant crying. Buy a dribbler here.

        Baby Mop Onesie

        We all know how dirty the house can get when babies come around and that is why the baby mop Onesie should keep the house clean, no kidding. It is adorable and comfortable for the baby to wear. You have two colors to choose from.

            Adult Coloring Book

            Who said only babies should be the ones getting presents because an adult coloring book is just what parents need to provide them comfort from having to deal with newborn babies.

              “Boobs for Breakfast” Onesie

              Babies love their mother’s milk and have it for breakfast every day so why not get the best Onesie for the baby. Boobs for breakfast Onesie is funny and cute. 

              Wine for the Mother

              Moms do love their wine and now that they have given birth, they can drink some, so get a nice wine bottle for the mother to show that you care. The new mother would be happy to see the gift and would definitely need to drink some after the baby shower and when everybody leaves.

              A Vibrator

              Sometimes friends need to take care of each other and there’s no better way to show your friend that you care for them then a vibrator. It will help her when she feels tensed and needs to feel much better. It is a great thank you gift for your friend. She will surely love it, not sure about her husband though.

              Here you’ll find different options.

              Snuggling Taco Bottoms

              These are some of the funniest and cutest bottoms for a baby. Get the baby a snuggling taco bottom to show your taco-loving friend that you mean well and want to take off their addiction for them.


              On another note, it might not be a funny gift but is surely appreciated. Flowers are still considered one of the best gifts for new mothers. Think about getting her favorite flowers as she will surely like it. Normally water lilies or daisies are considered the ideal gift for new mothers.

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