Baby Shower

Mother in law baby shower etiquette

Mother in law baby shower etiquette

Baby shower etiquette can be considered as a festive event for everyone. However, the process of planning a baby shower etiquette can be an overwhelming job to do. For example, you will have to think about who’s going to host the party, who should be invited to the event and what rules should be followed if the shower etiquette is head for the second child of the family.

There are instances where the mother in law would go ahead and organize the baby shower. In that kind of a situation, you will come across the need to get more information about the exact role played by mother in law. If the mother in law is willing to host the baby shower, you should definitely go ahead and let her take care of the job. She will then dedicate her time as well as money in order to make the entire event a success. However, there are instances where the mother in law would play the role of a guest. She will show up along with a gift and provide support to the event. In such instances, you can welcome her as a guest and provide her with the opportunity to enjoy the party.

Should you let the mother in law host the baby shower?

mother in law in the baby shower

By tradition, baby shower etiquette is hosted by a friend or a distant family member of the mother to be. Hence, you shouldn’t keep any doubts in your mind when you are providing the ability for the mother in law to organize it. This is a better option available for you to consider than hosting the event on your own. That’s mainly because you will be able to make the entire event look like it is being organized to welcome the newborn to the family and to congratulate the mother to be.

However, you must also keep in mind that the rules associated with baby shower etiquette have changed significantly throughout the past few years. Hence, the sisters and mother of the mom-to-be also come forward and organize it. Letting the mom in law to organize the event will not cause any hassle.

When should the baby shower be held?

If you are a mother in law, who is about to host a baby shower, you will need to have a clear understanding of the perfect time to throw the party as well. It is possible for you to throw the party at any given time of pregnancy. On the other hand, some individuals go ahead and throw it after the arrival of the little one as well. However, one of the objectives of throwing a baby shower is to go ahead and admire the big belly bump.

Hence, it is better to organize the event a couple of weeks before the delivery date. Once the date is fixed, you need to get in touch with the guest of honor as well. In addition, you need to let the VIP guests, including the siblings, best friends and grandparents know about the event, so that they can come on the scheduled date without any issues.

Who needs to be invited to the baby shower?

In order to create the list of invitees, you will have to get in touch with the mother to be. Usually, close friends of the family as well as the family members should be included in the list of invitees. In addition, it is better to ask the mother to be and see whether she prefers any special guests to be invited to the event. You should also keep your budget and size of the venue in mind when you are preparing the list of invitees.

If the mother in law is going to become the host of the baby shower, it is possible to ask her to invite her own friends to the event as well. She would love to do it. She is going to pay for all the expenses that will incur during the event. Hence, you shouldn’t think twice before giving freedom for the mother in law to go ahead and invite her own guests to the event.

Sending invitations

baby shower invitation

Once date is fixed for the baby shower, it is possible to go ahead and send out invitations to the guests. It is recommended to send out the invitations about three weeks before the scheduled date of the party. It is possible to send online invitations via emails as well. Or else, it is possible to send a traditional invitation to the guests.

It is important to be creative in the invitation as much as possible. This will generate temptation within the minds of guests in order to attend the event. In addition, you need to make sure that you don’t miss out the essential when sending out invitations. For example, date of the baby shower, location of the event and time of the event should be there. In addition, the name of the mother should also be included. To decorate the invitation, you can think about using nursery colors.

As you can see, it is possible for any person to go ahead and host the baby shower. However, that person should be willing to take care of the entire event and hold the responsibility. Due to this reason, you can even allow the mother in law to come forward and provide assistance with holding the event. If the responsibility can be held, there’s no need to worry about anything. But it is better if the other members of the family can provide some sort of assistance for the mother in law, so that she doesn’t get frustrated at the time of organizing the event.

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