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What to write in a baby shower book instead of a card

what to keep in mind when planning a baby shower

Are you invited to a baby shower? You may have planned your outfit, decided on your footwear, chose a baby shower gift etc, but have you thought about writing the message on a baby shower book? The baby shower sweet messages do matter, believe me.

You may be thinking of what to write in a baby shower book as it isn’t an easy task. There are cases when you do not know the future mom well or it can be vice versa – you may know her so well that you feel helpless when writing down your feelings in words. Don’t worry, just keep reading the article, and you’ll learn what to write in a baby shower book.

Get personal

You may have searched the internet the whole day long to find the best messages, but it is always better to write baby shower messages using your own words. It will make it look and feel unique.

Share a story about the parents-to-be that shows why they’ll be great parents. Or talk about a time when you needed help from them and they came through.

Reveal the jokes you may have with future mom

If you are asked to read your message aloud and you are best friends with a future mom or say, sibling, then you can share some of the jokes you had with her but remember – do not disclose jokes that aren’t meant to read out loud in front of everyone.

Mention the baby in your message

Of course, the parents become the center of attraction in this situation but do not forget to say something sweet about the baby in your wishes.

What are you looking forward to seeing the new baby do? How do you hope they grow up? The answers to these questions might give you the answers you’re actually looking for.

Keep your message simple and sweet, and end it with love

Sometimes even simple and sweet messages win hearts. Make sure your baby shower message is quite simple and sweet.

You can end the message with special words like love, joy, blessings, hugs & cuddles etc. It will add more feelings.

Make the parents feel special

You can get quotes from popular authors to be written in a baby shower book. You can also use your own words if you think you can write and express well. Your messages should make the parents feel special and wish them luck for the bright new chapter of their life that is parenthood. You can make them feel like on the seventh cloud when welcoming their baby soon

Let the parents feel that they are luckiest. Help them feel happy and comfortable through messages. Your message should tell them how excited you are for them and wish all the worlds happiness to them.

Customized messages

The customized messages to be written in baby shower book can have the name of the baby (if chosen) or you can also talk about the hobbies of the parents.

Let the parents know that the new addition to their family will bring in all the happiness and joy for them.

Some people use greeting cards in their baby shower and ask the guests to write their messages there instead of writing it in a baby shower book. Sometimes this card might be thrown in a trash (that doesn’t happen with a book), but of course, some people save it for a lifetime.

Remember that your message should be simple, sensible and sweet enough to bring a smile on future mom ’s and dad’s face.

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